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key features


Make your meetings more accessible

  • AI-powered captions available for all meetings
  • Clients can enable Captioning on a meeting-by-meeting basis
  • Meeting participants can turn on/off Live Captions for their preferred language
  • Captioning currently available for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Japanese
Conference interpreting
Simultaneous translation


Join meetings
your way

  • Join from any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • No plugins necessary
  • User-friendly web-based application
  • Seamless webcam and headset integration
  • Free app available for iOS and Android devices
Conference interpreting
Multilingual conference


Collaboration in Multiple Languages

  • Drop-down selection of pre-set languages
  • Automatic floor language feed-through
  • Up to 32 languages per meeting
  • Smooth and quiet channel switch
  • Accommodates any language
Conference interpreting
Multiple people live video meeting


Get instant feedback from your audience

  • Multiple-choice or parliamentary vote formats
  • Comprehensive Audience Response System
  • Pie chart, bar chart or numeric results display
  • One-button vote confirmation
  • Multiple report formats


Look and sound
your best

  • Full synchronization
  • WebRTC-enabled
  • Ideal resolution of 1080p75
  • Intelligent audio fallback
  • On-off full screen expansion

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Conference interpreting Key Features
Conference interpreting


Don’t just tell.
Show it

  • Show your slides from any computer
  • Show a thumbnail of the speaker at all times
  • Show any document format
  • Run product demonstrations as you speak
  • Share a browser window or a video
Conference interpreting
Key Features Kudo


Make your
voice heard

  • Push-to-talk mic button on desktop or mobile device
  • Participants use their own devices to ask questions
  • Users can text or ask question live
  • Moderator-managed queue
  • Color-code status indicator
Conference interpreting
Key Features


Upload documents
as meetings unfold

  • Supports PDF and all MS Office file formats
  • In-session document upload and distribution
  • Supports text, presentation and image files
  • Exclusive document sharing feature for interpreters
  • One-click file download or view option


Your data is safe

  • Encrypted media and signaling
  • Customer data always private and secure
  • User data anonymized for total privacy
  • Sensitive user information remains secure
  • WebRTC-compatible
  • Strong encryption on audio and video
  • HTTPS support, Secure RTP and HTTP authentication
  • Safe Harbor certified

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multilingual space
  • “I found the KUDO interpreter interface simple and intuitive. It was easy to learn and work with.”
    Barry Slaughter Olsen
    Interpreter and Trainer, MIIS, AIIC