Live speech translation for Zoom

200+ spoken or sign languages | AI or human

Zoom + KUDO Language translation =

Successful multilingual meetings and webinars
  • Works for all Zoom subscription types
  • Professional, human language translation
  • All languages can be supported within a 12-hour lead time
  • Global time zone coverage
  • Language and subject matter expertise
  • Confidentiality contracts for interpreters
  • Instant booking of meetings up to 6 hours in length.

Real-time language translation for Zoom

KUDO streamlines your interpreter booking experience from start to finish for multilingual meetings on Zoom. Access KUDO’s network of 12,000+ on-demand professional interpreters with ease in three simple steps all in one place.

And just like that, your interpreters are secured, and you can host a multilingual Zoom meeting.

Why choose KUDO?

The value of interpretation

Live interpretation gives everyone the ease and comfort of communicating in their preferred language instead of relying on business English. Professional interpreters are highly skilled language experts that bring your thoughts and ideas to life across any language.

Invest and save

KUDO clients have seen savings upwards of USD 2 million, and attendance and engagement numbers increase as much as 50% by switching to multilingual meetings. Companies no longer need to host multiple onsite events across time zones and languages. Instead, one virtual event with live interpretation allows global teams to connect and collaborate efficiently.

Built by experts

KUDO was created by trusted experts with decades of experience in the intersection of meetings, interpretation, and technology.

Preferred by experts

From Fortune 500 companies to international organizations, KUDO’s clients and audiences have fully realized the power of understanding through multilingual meetings, webinars, and events.

Secure and confidential

Host meetings, webinars, and events with the confidence that your information is protected. KUDO interpreters sign a confidentiality contract prior to joining any meeting.

Why take your Zoom meetings multilingual?

Because now you can. Interpretation was once exclusive to royalty, governmental organizations, and the wealthy. With KUDO, this service is available to everyone. We match you with the perfect interpreters for meetings, webinars, and events on Zoom, on-demand.

Broaden your global reach

Increase meeting inclusivity

Understand and be understood

Improve meeting engagement