Careers @ KUDO

Here, you’ll shape how people communicate.

At KUDO, your effort and skill help us accomplish an important mission – enhancing understanding and communication between people from all parts of the world.

Who makes KUDO possible?

People like you. We are a team of developers, linguists, interpreters, engineers, and other professionals committed to fostering better understanding between people separated by cultural or language differences.

We are the sum of our people

The idea for KUDO, an advanced multilingual interpretation platform, is brought to life by professionals dedicated to bringing the world closer together. Meet some members of our team who would be proud to call you a colleague.

We call the world home

Yes, we are headquartered in New York, but our people sit on 5 continents in 21+countries. Our success proves that tight-knit groups are created when we share the same vision, even if we don’t share the same space.
6 years in
A team of over
100 smart humans
30 languages
spoken here
40% of our team
is female

Take your career anywhere

Join KUDO to put your passion and skill to work, helping global businesses and organizations achieve more.