Multilingual Quarterly Broadcasts at a Major Beverage Company

Quarterly Broadcasts

Employees in multiple international locations

English German French Hungarian Italian Polish Romanian Spanish Czech


Starting in 2023, a global beverages company selected KUDO for its innovative, flexible, and tech-first approach to multilingual meetings. By integrating KUDO into their quarterly broadcasts, the company could provide simultaneous live interpretation in nine languages, significantly improving their communication process, establishing a new benchmark for global collaboration within the organization.

The Challenge

For global corporates with solid international presence and cross-regional operations, ensuring clear communication across teams during company-wide town halls and strategy presentations is a priority. This is particularly valid in territories such as EMEA or APAC, where language fragmentation represents a concrete threat to business growth.

Before choosing to partner with KUDO, this major beverage company had tried a wide range of solutions to implement real-time translation in their virtual quarterly broadcasts. Such solutions included hosting live events instead of virtual ones, hence relying on interpreters to be on site at the event, as well as distributing localized content only in a pre-recorded format. Such solutions however, beyond the high costs and the logistical complications involved, were also not compatible with the company’s dominant need of ensuring live translation and increase stakeholders’ engagement on digital channels.

Services provided

Human interpretation and multilingual captioning into 9 languages

Integration with 3rd party platforms

Technical and operational support before and during the event

Smartphone-accessible translation

KUDO is a tech-first company, meaning we have huge flexibility in how we can use them.

EMEA Internal Comms Director | Beverage Company

The KUDO Way

As a technology-first company, KUDO fulfilled all the client’s requirements and incorporated high-quality simultaneous interpretation in nine different languages within the organization’s quarterly virtual broadcasts.

Having access to KUDO’s network of 12,000 certified interpreters, the client was able to hire professionals with specific subject matter expertise with a minimum lead time. Remote interpretation was delivered each time in streaming platform chosen by the client, guaranteeing complete flexibility and complete alignment with the company’s internal procedures. Finally, under request of the client, the full experience was white gloved by KUDO’s support team, who helped setting up the meetings and monitored their execution, to ensure a smooth multilingual broadcast experience.

The Results

The company’s EMEA Internal Communications Director described their experience and said: “KUDO seamlessly plugs into the streaming platform we use. The user can then receive the interpretation in their chosen language to either their device (if in a room with people listening in different languages) or from the main screen”.

Through implementing KUDO, this major beverage company reshaped its live broadcasts and found a solution to their internal communication barriers, enhancing clarity and inclusivity while strengthening cross-teams collaboration, with positive effects on productivity and business growth. Moving forward, as employees are progressively returning to office and more meetings take place on-site, this beverage company will continue their collaboration with KUDO to make also their in-person meetings fully language-accessible.

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