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Hybrid and Streaming


In October of 2022, KUDO provided multilingual support for the always enlightening TEDxBath for the second year in a row. This year’s event titled ‘Kaleidoscope’ was a hybrid event streamed in five languages on the TEDxBath website. The KUDO and TEDxBath teams collaborated over two weeks to bring the hybrid event to life, giving viewers in-person or at home an accessible and inclusive experience.

TEDxBath and its events aim to spread the TED message as far and wide as possible, sharing the powerful and innovative ideas expressed by our speakers. The impact we have been able to have through KUDO’s fantastic translation capabilities is extraordinary – KUDO is now a fundamental part of all our future events.”

Services provided

Sourced interpreters specializing in 4 different languages

In-house support tech support before and during the event to field any questions

Personalized HLS code for streaming on the TEDxBath website

How did we do it?

For TEDxBath, it was paramount that virtual audience members had an easy and streamlined way to connect to sessions and follow along in their preferred language. To make this happen, KUDO’s in-house support connected with TEDxBath organizers to determine what languages and how many interpreters would be needed and map out the event’s scope. KUDO then sourced interpreters and provided them with preparation materials. KUDO’s tech team then coordinated with the TEDxBath tech team to run several tests for the microphones and camera system of the venue itself. For the event, the KUDO team provided the Kaleidoscope tech team with a simple HLS code that they could embed on a dedicated Kaleidoscope TEDxBath website.

The Results

On the day of Kaleidoscope, viewers had direct access to a video player with a built-in KUDO language selector embedded in the TEDxBath website. Anyone wishing to follow a session could simply go to the website, select their preferred language, and follow the event no matter where they were without learning the ins and outs of a new platform. During the event, KUDO’s in-house tech team was available to answer any questions or address any technical issues.

In just two weeks, both teams were able to take the 6-hour Kaleidoscope hybrid event multilingual.

TEDxBath screenshot

About TEDxBath

TEDxBath is an independent part of the global TED organization that aims to share ideas and issues relating to the Bath community. Their activities are coordinated by a diverse team of local volunteers united by a joint mission- to encourage positive change.

KUDO can enhance how your teams collaborate.

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