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Meet globally in your preferred language with all of the latest videoconferencing features on KUDO Meeting.

Multilingual Meetings. Reinvented.

KUDO Meeting is a cloud-based platform that brings ease to multilingual virtual and hybrid meetings.

KUDO streams real-time language interpretation supported by a network of 12,000+ professional interpreters to participants’ smartphones and computers so that everyone can join in their preferred language from anywhere.

Built on understanding

KUDO was created by trusted experts with decades of experience in the intersection of meetings, interpretation, and technology.

Live Streaming

KUDO supports live streaming to view-only platforms to extend your global reach, and increase access to your meetings, webinars, and events.

Hybrid Meetings

Increase participation in your virtual events with audio and video compatibility in a flexible solution.

Live Polling

Multiple-choice or parliamentary vote formats with multiple report formats.

Multilingual Captioning

AI-powered captions available for all meetings. Captioning currently available for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Japanese.

Stories from the front

Global Education Cluster

KUDO supports Global Education Cluster with multilingual meetings to enable civil society participation in humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

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City Council Meetings

KUDO provided its platform for real-time interpretation both in person and via streaming enabling full city access to the event in English, Tagalog, Khmer, and Spanish.

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Multilingual meetings and events. Affordable packages.

Hourly Ranges
# of Attendees (per meeting)
KUDO Marketplace (first year free)
30 - 99100
100 - 299300
300 - 999500