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Internal Meetings, Trainings, Town Halls


English, Turkish, Russian, Georgian

MS Teams

KUDO Marketplace, Operation Support, KUDO Replay


Borusan Cat has an international workforce, primarily in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Türkiye, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and Far of East Russia, with a company mission to create solutions for a better world. With a diverse team, easy and efficient communication is essential. To avoid communication barriers, Borusan Cat uses KUDO and its integrations for internal meetings, trainings, and town halls, allowing everyone to connect and collaborate in their preferred language. No language barriers with nothing lost in translation. KUDO was there to make it happen.

KUDO has helped us to reach more employees through its user-friendly system. Since none of our companies’ mother tongue was English, it is a great pleasure for us to be able to reach our colleagues in their local language.”

Services provided

Professional interpreters sourced and prepped via KUDO Marketplace

In-house operational support

Operator support during meetings

Pre-recorded meeting and town hall translations via KUDO Replay

Removing Language Barriers and Obstacles

Borusan Cat strongly believes in the power of collective learning. It’s why, before KUDO, they devoted time to hosting separate webinars in trainings for each of the 3 languages they operate in to ensure that all team members had access to the same information. There is a problem with this approach, however. The first is that planning three separate trainings is time-consuming. Second, these separate, somewhat company-wide events weren’t promoting cross-department collaboration. As part of its global learning and development strategy, Borusan Cat was looking for a way to connect with its entire team, and KUDO was there to make it happen.

How Did We Do It?

KUDO worked with Borusan Cat to bring their internal meetings, town halls, and trainings multilingual. Before the first KUDO session, we worked with the Borusan team to ensure they knew the ins and outs of KUDO’s integration with Microsoft Teams. For each session, once we determined their language needs, interpreters were booked via the KUDO Interpreter Marketplace and prepped with meeting materials. During each KUDO-supported event, Borusan had access to KUDO’s in-house support team, available to answer any technical questions, ensuring a smooth event.

Being able to hear and listen in your own language without any complications in such an easy way has helped us to create a solution for our employees. Now we can easily reach our employees for webinars, trainings, summits, and forums in their preferred language.”

The Results

One of the reasons why we chose KUDO was its integration capability with MS Teams. KUDO’s interpreters, operators, and client services have helped us with any questions on our minds throughout the process.”

Borusan Cat meetings, town halls, and trainings are now more inclusive than ever. The team can truly collaborate and engage during sessions, and Borusan was able to streamline their events, saving time and money in the process. And with KUDO’s Microsoft Teams integration, little has changed in the way the global team logs into meetings. They simply click the ‘KUDO’ button embedded directly in the Teams platform to access their preferred language.

About Borusan Cat

Since 1994 up to this date Borusan Cat is one of Caterpillar’s 160 dealers in the world, and it’s the most multinational company within the Borusan Group. Borusan Cat is conducting its business in Türkiye as well as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Far East of Russia. The main industries that Borusan Cat is operating are construction, mining, and energy & transportation.

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