LOGIS User Group Japan 2021

The Czech Republic and Japan

English, Japanese

Microsoft Teams


LOGIS, a Czech-based company that provides production planning and scheduling systems for steelmaking companies and various machinery manufacturers, was looking for a more inclusive and accessible option for a virtual conference on Microsoft Teams. KUDO was there to help with the Teams integration and the largest network of on-demand professional interpreters.

Services provided

KUDO interpreters sourced from KUDO Interpreter Marketplace

In-house planning and prepping for Microsoft Teams event

Operator support during event

Removing language barriers and obstacles

We’ve had introductions and demonstrations of several different solutions, with most of them being able to satisfy only half of our requirements – the solutions we have seen did provide simultaneous interpreting, but it was not possible to share videos smoothly or to integrate it with MS Teams. Simply put- KUDO checked all of our boxes.”

LOGIS knows first-hand the value and necessity of clear and efficient communication, especially for conferences and other sales-related occasions. Still operating under the travel restriction of Covid-19, they were looking to organize a virtual conference, inclusive of and accessible to their Japanese and Czech clients, to develop business further. They were looking for a solution accessible through Microsoft Teams that provided quality interpretation and video sharing.

How did we do it?

KUDO worked with LOGIS before the event to determine the number of interpreters needed and to ensure the LOGIS team knew the ins and outs of KUDO’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Interpreters for the event were sourced through the KUDO Interpreter Marketplace, and all interpreters brought on board signed NDAs and were sent preparation materials. During the event, KUDO provided in-house tech support to field any questions.

The Results

The event was a success. All participants and presenters, be they from the EU, the US, or Japan, had a wonderful experience without any technical hiccups. The interpreters provided by KUDO were very well prepared and provided exceptional quality interpretation for the 40 speakers and attendees. With KUDO, LOGIS reached their target audiences and gave them the comfort of communicating in their preferred language on a platform they were comfortable with.

Our people in Japan noted that the quality of interpretation is something they don’t usually encounter. And as for the integration of KUDO in Teams, no one in our audience had any issues using the service, and some of our customers have praised the service KUDO has provided.”


LOGIS is a supplier of Advanced Planning & Scheduling solutions for the Metals and Discrete Manufacturing industries, aiming to increase operational efficiency and customer service, resulting in increased corporate competitiveness. The quality of production planning from LOGIS is well-proven by its utilization by some of the leading industrial companies and continuously developed by our peak-quality R&D team.

KUDO can enhance how your teams collaborate.

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