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Complete the Interpreter Journey

A comprehensive self-paced tutorial with everything you need to know about how to operate KUDO’s interpreter interface and start interpreting online.

Create your KUDO profile

When you log into KUDO for the first time as an interpreter, you will be asked to complete your professional profile*. You can make your profile private or public at any time.

*you’ll need a profile on each of our global servers for the next step.

Join a free Interpreter Onboarding Webinar

Come in for a test-drive! Get a full hour of supervised hands-on practice on the KUDO interface. Together with your booth mates you will have a chance to review KUDO’s relay and handover procedures and try every small feature on the platform.

That will make you KUDO Certified!

KUDO Certified interpreters are conference interpreters who have completed KUDO’s online tutorial and attended a practice webinar on platform. They meet KUDO’s minimum hardware and connectivity requirements, and they are able to interpret on KUDO with limited supervision. Experience and compliance are self-declared and not vetted by KUDO.

Next step? Become a KUDO Pro!

KUDO Pro interpreters are professional conference interpreters with proven experience in remote simultaneous interpreting in general and KUDO in particular. They have mastered the skills needed to interpret at a KUDO meeting independently and on short notice. Earners meet or exceed KUDO’s connectivity and technical requirements. KUDO Pro interpreters have been vetted for quality and experience. Their compliance with KUDO’s standards is verified on a regular basis.

Apply now and see if you qualify:

KUDO Interpreter Marketplace

As a KUDO Pro interpreter you will have a chance to opt in to KUDO Marketplace, a platform where you can flag your availability for meetings anywhere in the world, 24/7.

KUDO Interpreter Marketplace