In-person / Hybrid

Live speech translation
for in-person events

Unlimited audio and captions on any device, live-translated by AI or human interpretation.

1.5M users

A GREAT EXPERIENCE, fabulous support, quality interpreters. I am very, very pleased. Thank you to all for your professionalism and support."

AI speech translation during a live event

Make your event content language-accessible in one click


We provide you with QR codes and weblinks you can display in-person or online, and take care of the set-up.


Attendees scan or click to access the KUDO interface on their devices (no downloads needed).


Attendees can plug in headphones to hear the translated audio or simply read the subtitles on their device.

No downloads. Click to listen in any language - on any device

KUDO is a browser-based solution that works off WIFI or 4G, using a bandwidth of 10-20 Kb/second. That’s around 1% of the bandwidth needed to stream an average YouTube video on your phone.

What powers our live-translated speech and captions?

We offer two solutions to run your in-person events in any language.

Unlimited languages per hour

Captions and/or audio in 30+ languages

Custom glossary upload (for specific subject matter)

Custom voices by gender

One-way communication only

Hourly pricing model

12,000 interpreters available on-demand

200+ spoken and sign languages

Subject matter expertise

One-way and interactive communication


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Either – or both, depending on your needs.

Audio translation and captions can either be powered by our AI Speech Translator or by one of our 12,000 professional language interpreters. The experience is the same for attendees with either solution; they simply scan a QR code to pull up the KUDO language selector on their smartphone or tablet, then plug in headphones or read the captions live on screen.

Our clients use KUDO to make both internal company and external client or industry events language-accessible; tradeshows, product launches, annual summits, quarterly meetings, conferences, and training events.

Essentially, any event setting where one or multiple presenters is taking it in turns to speak to an audience of any size; panel discussions, presentations, keynotes, training, etc.

If you opt for human interpretation, you can rest assured that our marketplace of 12,000 interpreters are qualified professionals who each specialize in subject matter and industry vocabulary. We also require them to sign a NDA before each meeting or event that they are interpreting.

If you opt for AI-translated audio and captions, we recommend reading our A-Z guide on quality to get a better idea of how to measure quality. If you want the short answer, KUDO AI has an average score of 4.1/5 for fluency and 4.25/5 for accuracy, and an overall user rating of 4.1/5.

For a simple in-person or hybrid set-up, KUDO requires only three things:

  1. A laptop in each of the rooms or stages for which you want to provide live speech translation.
  2. A USB audio interface for each of the rooms or stages for which you want to provide live speech translation.
  3. A stable internet connection. KUDO uses extremely low bandwidth, so regular WIFI is fine.

How it works:

  1. A KUDO session is created in the KUDO Platform and linked to the digital and on-site signage provided for attendees.
  2. The session receives on-site audio in the room via an audio to USB interface connecting the microphone(s) to the KUDO session.
  3. On-site or remote participants can use the Weblink or QR code to access the language selector and live translation.

In three easy steps:

  1. Scan the QR code (that KUDO provides) to open a new window in your smartphone or tablet browser.
  2. Choose a language for audio and captions from the language selector that appears on your screen. (You can choose different options for both).
  3. Plug in your headphones to hear the translated audio or simply follow the captions on your screen.

Yes. Both on-site and remote participants can access the KUDO language selector from any device.