Our community

Conversations unite us

Even when we don’t all communicate in the same language, we connect through shared ideas. KUDO helps foster a sense of togetherness for people in meetings and at events, bringing participants of different cultures and languages closer together.

Sometimes it takes a village of interpreters

KUDO is a simple multilingual solution to a complex challenge – getting a world of participants onto the same page without missing a beat, a metaphor, or nuance. We do this by giving you access to a community of interpreters that are hand-selected from the industry’s best.

Even more than words, results matter

When you’re able to facilitate real-time understanding and connections with clients or colleagues, you set the stage to close more deals, solve bigger problems, create bigger networks, and so much more.

Leverage the power of professional live interpretation

Turn meetings and events with global colleagues into opportunities to show how much you value their attendance and contribution. Learn how to communicate the KUDO way.