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KUDO Version 2.0: Simultaneous Interpretation in the Cloud

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

New York, NY — KUDO, a cloud-based solution for online collaboration and multilingual meetings, announced its release of version 2.0 featuring a complete design facelift and enhanced capabilities for participation. The platform update allows people to hold meetings over the web in multiple languages and from multiple locations while speaking and listening in their own language—all from one intuitive interface.

Now at the beginning of its second year, KUDO provides a more versatile and collaborative platform to address the needs of global corporations with a distributed workforce or clientele.

One of the key features in version 2.0 is the ability to include multiple speakers in a meeting, each with their own video feed. Participants can share their screens and documents and they can do so through any computer or their smartphones.

Through KUDO, people and business are able to overcome geographic and language barriers by way of high-quality video meetings with embedded, human-powered simultaneous interpretation. Speakers, attendees and interpreters can work remotely, thereby reducing the burden of unnecessary travel and associated costs.

“Our development team has been hard at work on the new release for months,” says Fardad Zabetian, CEO of KUDO. “The opportunity that KUDO V2.0 brings to businesses is tremendous. Companies can not only save time, but also reach a truly global audience with the help of professional interpreters for a fraction of the cost.”

KUDO’s decentralized meeting topology lends itself to a plethora of business applications. International product launches, training workshops, working groups, market reports, and partner meetings can all be held in multiple languages in real time.

Earlier this month, KUDO provided access to live, multilingual video streaming during the LocWorld conference in Tokyo, an event dedicated to international business, translation, and localization. Viewers all over the world were able to follow the meetings with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese, German and Spanish. They could ask questions and even vote, as if they were in the room.

“It is very difficult for a new nonprofit like Translation Commons to reach global audiences,” said Jeannette Stewart, founder of Translation Commons. “The KUDO platform enabled people from all over the world to participate and learn about our organization. The audience for our presentation doubled and the comments we heard back from the remote viewers were that the experience was as if they were present.”

With nothing more than three computers and a tracking camera, KUDO was able to capture all the action in the room and upload the resulting audio and video to the cloud. That included separate language audio streams as well as PowerPoint presentations shared by the speakers and participant questions. Interpreters worked from Manchester, London and Madrid.

Online meeting and web conferencing tools have been with us a long time now, and they work well. But changes the game by bringing back into the mix a basic and empowering element other platforms have overseen: language.

KUDO is available for iOS, Android and web.

About KUDO

KUDO is a cloud-based solution for live, over-the-web meetings and video conferencing in multiple languages. Attendees can participate in live events, webinars, web meetings and training sessions, share content and collaborate globally. KUDO streams real-time language interpretation to participants’ smartphones and computers, so everyone can join in their own language from anywhere. Attendees are able to cast votes and voice their ideas while the meeting unfolds. More info on

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