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KUDO Awarded Second Patent from the United States Patent Office (USPTO) for Innovative Speech Speed Monitoring Technology

KUDO Awarded Second Patent from the United States Patent Office (USPO) for Innovative Speech Speed Monitoring Technology

(Tuesday, 6th February 2024, New York City, NY) – In a significant milestone for AI translation technology, KUDO – the leading provider of multilingual technology solutions for business – proudly announces the acquisition of its second patent from the United States Patent Office (USPTO). This latest patent recognizes KUDO’s groundbreaking innovation – the Speedometer, a proprietary feature now integrated in all KUDO AI meetings.

KUDO’s Speedometer addresses a common challenge faced by both human interpreters and automatic speech translation systems – the compromise of translation quality due to rapid speech. It serves as a real-time measurement and visualization system, providing instantaneous feedback on the speaker’s pace of speech. Unlike conventional systems, it actively monitors crucial speech attributes – such as translation difficulty, sound quality, and speech density – alerting if it’s too fast or just suitable enough for straightforward interpretation.

This achievement marks the second time that KUDO AI – an AI-powered speech-to-speech translator aimed at making language interpretation more accessible by delivering translated audio and captions in 30+ languages – has been granted a patent by the USPTO, and both within one year from its launch. “This patent reflects KUDO’s ongoing commitment to create a world where everyone can communicate in the language of their choice. It also recognizes and celebrates the significant and continuous efforts in R&D since our Series A investment round,” says CEO Fardad Zabetian.

“This innovation marks a milestone in the field of language interpretation, and not just for AI translation,” says Dr. Claudio Fantinuoli, Chief Technology Officer at KUDO. “Although the system is currently integrated into KUDO AI meetings, its applications extend beyond the field of machine interpreting, benefiting human interpreters by addressing the challenge of maintaining high translation quality during high-paced speeches”.

Since its launch in January 2023, KUDO AI’s usage has increased exponentially month over month, scoring 4.25 out of 5 for translation accuracy in blind users’ tests. For more information about KUDO and its innovative language solutions, visit

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KUDO is the world leader in providing real-time multilingual solutions that enable people to communicate effortlessly in any language⁠—on any platform. Their network of 12,000 professional language interpreters, combined with their ground-breaking Speech Translator, empower organizations of all sizes to collaborate more efficiently, with greater inclusivity, and on an international scale. KUDO Inc. is a New-York based technology start-up founded and managed by language and conferencing industry insiders seeking to create a world in which everyone has the power to understand and be understood in their own language. More info at

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