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KUDO Gains a Patent for Systems and Methods for Automatic Speech Translation

KUDO Gains a Patent for Systems and Methods for Automatic Speech Translation

(Tuesday, 8 August 2023. New York City, NY) – In a defining mark of innovation, KUDO receives a Patent grant certification from the United States Patent Office (USPO) for its unique, real-time speech-to-speech technology approach. This was one of multiple Patents currently pending by the global leaders in multilingual communication solutions for businesses.

Reflecting significant efforts in R&D since their Series A investment round, KUDO gains a Patent in recognition of the innovative methodology behind KUDO AI, its AI-powered speech-to-speech translator. The Patent focuses on the company’s unique method for real-time, continuous (simultaneous) translation, and for translating spoken language in a natural way.

Launched in January 2023 and designed by a Product and Engineering team of both language and AI specialists, the ground-breaking Speech Translator integrates state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing systems – such as speech recognition and synthesis – with KUDO’s innovative language models. The result is high quality, live multilingual audio and captions. And as of today, the solution is available in thirty languages, on most videoconferencing platforms.

Usage from early adopters indicates that the most popular use case for KUDO AI so far remains internal meetings and webinars. Data around language shows that the most requested languages for participants to hear include Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and Japanese. KUDO anticipates that these will likely adapt as the solution continues to evolve in its sophistication.

“The awarding of this Patent reflects KUDO’s cutting-edge position in the language technology space. But we built KUDO AI with a bigger mission: to give everyone the power to understand and be understood in their own language,” says KUDO’s CEO, Fardad Zabetian. “As an entrepreneur whose first language is not English, this is of personal importance. Nobody should be hindered or defined by their level of proficiency in Business English; with KUDO AI, we aim to enable the transfer of knowledge fairly across all businesses, and eventually, all nations.”

“We’re thrilled with this milestone. It’s the first of many more announcements to come this month,” adds Dr Claudio Fantinuoli, KUDO’s CTO and the inventor of the Patented speech translation methodology. “Since its launch, KUDO AI has already undergone a new AI engine, seen a dramatic increase in translation quality, and we are constantly adding new languages in line with our rigorous quality and accuracy checks. Watch this space.”

For anyone looking to experience this technology in action, KUDO AI is available to test via a free trial from the website, or to experience via a personalized demo with a KUDO expert.

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KUDO is the world leader in providing real-time multilingual solutions that enable people to communicate effortlessly in any language⁠—on any platform. Their network of 12,000 professional language interpreters, combined with their ground-breaking Speech Translator, empower organizations of all sizes to collaborate more efficiently, with greater inclusivity, and on an international scale. KUDO Inc. is a New-York based technology start-up founded and managed by language and conferencing industry insiders seeking to create a world in which everyone has the power to understand and be understood in their own language. More info at


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