Our media kit

Find official KUDO media resources for use in publications, marketing collateral and other content.

The KUDO logo

The KUDO logo represents parties in two separate locations of the world, seamlesly connecting with each other without language limitations.

Getting the name right

“KUDO” is the Albanian word for “anywhere,” “everywhere,” and “all around.” We love the meaning and how it is easy to pronounce in virtually any language.


KUDO ‘kü-(,)dō


Our name conveys our commitment to help people around the world to spread understanding in any language.

Spelling and usage

Please don’t transliterate KUDO in texts or articles involving non-Western alphabets. In some languages of Latin origin, such as Portuguese, which enforce the use of articles, the feminine gender applies:

And please always spell KUDO in all caps.

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Brand Assets

Download official KUDO logos, product, and leadership imagery. If you need other resources, please contact us.


Download the official KUDO logo, and our brand guidelines.


Download screenshots of our solutions on web and mobile.


Download headshots of the leadership team.