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Mondial du Rhum 2024 to be accessible in multiple languages with KUDO AI Speech Translator

Mondial du Rhum 2024 to be accessible in multiple languages with KUDO

(Tuesday, 16th January 2024, Paris, France). In its global debut on 13-15th February, the pioneering Mondial du Rhum event is taking to Paris’ Palais Brongniart for a three-day line-up of discussions exploring the key challenges and opportunities shaping the future of the sector. And now—thanks to a collaboration with language technology experts, KUDO—this content will be accessible in each attendee’s chosen language using KUDO’s AI-powered Speech Translator.

As its name indicates, Mondial du Rhum 2024 promises to be a truly international event welcoming public organizations and institutions from over 20 rum-producing countries. Issues pertaining to economics, politics, heritage, education, and training are among the key discussion topics driving the agenda. Offering stakeholders the ability to experience these debates, keynotes, and conferences in their preferred language will serve to reinforce Mondial du Rhum’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion within their global footprint. The solution? KUDO AI, a real-time AI Speech Translator that will deliver translated audio and captions to the event’s attendees in eight languages—directly on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

“Collaborating with KUDO aligns with our objective of connecting the intricate but extensive rum ecosystem worldwide,” states Patrick Loger, founder of The International Rum Summit. “The use of live translation allows us to extend both speaking and participation opportunities to a wider audience of talented producers, distributors, buyers, influencers, manufacturers, yeast suppliers, and more—further highlighting the global nature of this booming industry”.

Fardad Zabetian, CEO of KUDO, added: “Mondial du Rhum is an innovative and forward-thinking event in every way. AI speech translation may sound futuristic today, but for us, it’s about empowerment of people, inclusion, and opening doors. Mondial du Rhum’s commitment to removing language barriers for their speakers and attendees is the perfect example, particularly within an industry that encompasses so many cultural and societal dimensions.”

By offering KUDO AI, every Mondial du Rhum session in its thematic spheres of Culture, Public Affairs, Business, Innovation, and Education will become language accessible, turning the event into a more inclusive global experience.

About Mondial du Rhum 2024
Attracting enthusiasts from various parts of the world, Mondial du Rhum is a distinguished event in Paris that serves as a dynamic hub for the rum industry. It provides a thriving platform for rum producers, researchers, distillers, and connoisseurs, sparking rich discussions and exploration of everything rum-related – from production techniques to tasting notes. The event encourages dialogue and celebrates rum in all forms, offering unparalleled opportunities to sample, savour, and rejoice in this cherished spirit. To get involved or find out more about this rum revolution, visit Mondial du Rhum’s website.

About KUDO
KUDO is the world leader in providing real-time multilingual solutions that enable people to communicate effortlessly in any language⁠—on any platform. Their network of 12,000 professional language interpreters, combined with their ground-breaking Speech Translator, empower organizations of all sizes to collaborate more efficiently, with greater inclusivity, and on an international scale. KUDO Inc. is a New-York based technology start-up founded and managed by language and conferencing industry insiders seeking to create a world in which everyone has the power to understand and be understood in their own language.

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