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KUDO Takes Multilingual Web Conferencing To A New Level With v18 Release Adding Customizable Interface, Lobby, Enhanced Parliamentary Voting Features

Monday, 7 December, 2020

New York CIty – KUDO Inc., the leading Language-as-a-Service solution for online meetings, has just announced a major update of its signature cloud-based platform with the release of v18.

This major release comes with a host of new features and security enhancements including the KUDO lobby, customized attendee interface, and enhanced voting solutions, among other platform improvements and optimizations.

The KUDO Lobby feature introduces a waiting room where attendees can test their devices and internet connectivity to secure a smooth transition into the meeting, while meeting organizers benefit with increased security having the ability to accept attendees or deny access to unwanted users, thereby avoiding confidentiality breaches.

With the implementation of a customizable attendee interface, meeting organizers can now enable or disable specific features depending on a specific meeting’s needs. This solution has been designed to provide an experience that is best suited to the needs of any particular meeting while increasing the productivity and focus of its attendees.

The new release also includes an enhanced voting solution that supports different forms of voting such as parliamentary and multiple choice and now provides complete administrative capabilities for meeting organizers, from restricting voting control to specific roles, to assigning voting rights and weight to a specific group of participants for a given poll.

“We continue to concentrate our efforts and resources on building the most advanced, secure and powerful solution available on the market, with the unique goal of helping our clients overcome language and geographic barriers for their businesses,” says Fardad Zabetian, KUDO’s founder and CEO.

This major update is accompanied by the release of the iOS v8 and Android v7 applications, both including compatibility with the new features, for consistency across the web-based and mobile experience for attendees.

The new features were designed following a rigorous study of online and hybrid meeting spaces and the growing demands of the existing KUDO client base. The features are also a testament to KUDO’s ongoing commitment to developing and updating its state-of-the-art meeting platform with an innovative mix of human expertise and technology.

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