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KUDO Signs Up New Partners in Albania, Turkey, and Ukraine

Wednesday, 4 November, 2020

New York City, NY – KUDO Inc., the leading Language-as-a-Service platform for online meetings, has announced new partnerships to expand its reach in Europe.

KUDO’s ever-growing network of global partners now includes Enterkon, Kyiv Language Services, and Cosmos Translation & Events. The new partnerships usher KUDO’s multilingual technology into a world of rich cultural and linguistic heritage.

“It has been great to work with KLS, Cosmos and Enterkon last month, getting them on board and ready to offer KUDO to their customers”, says Michelle Cartín-Storey, Global Channel Manager at KUDO. “With KUDO, these companies will be better suited to ensure operational excellence in the delivery of interpretation services, onsite, online or in a hybrid fashion”.

Enterkon Interpreters

Founded in İstanbul in 1987 by a group of conference interpreters, Enterkon Interpreters is the leading professional language service provider of Turkey. The company works with approximately 100 interpreters in various languages every year. Over the years, Enterkon has acted rapidly to adapt to changing conditions in the interpretation market. It is now a solution partner and a consultant to many clients, providing them with a one-stop-shop for interpretation and equipment needs, servicing a wide variety of projects ranging from company board meetings to multilingual conferences and remote events.

“Our recent partnership with KUDO marks an important first step in re-designing and adapting our business model to the rapidly changing requirements of our clients”, says Hande Güner, Board Member of Enterkon Interpreters.

The key to Enterkon’s success lies in its ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions in the interpretation market. They provide services for a diverse range of projects and clients, and with the KUDO platform, they will be able to offer their clients high-quality interpretation services remotely. The partnership with KUDO will also help them reach out to a more global client base.

Kyiv Language Services

Kyiv Language Services (KLS) has been a significant player for turn-key translations services in Ukraine since 2008. Fully ISO certified, KLS’s primary expertise is conference interpreting and related technical support.

“I am really excited that we are moving forward with KUDO. I believe that it will become an agent of change in bringing people closer together during and after these challenging times” reflects Volodymyr Kryvenko, Founder & CEO KLS.

With the pandemic hitting hard, cancelling, or delaying conferences, Kyiv Language Services saw an opportunity to overcome these newfound challenges in partnering with KUDO. With their new partnership, KLS can work on their longtime goal of internationalizing their business and at the same time still get a stable inflow of domestic customers for conference interpreting. With the KUDO platform, KLS is able not only to satisfy the current need of their customers in conference interpreting but also expand the boundaries of their business and audience.

Cosmos Translations & Events

Established in 2005, Cosmos Translations & Events is Albania’s leading language and conference services provider. Combining freelance internationally accredited interpreters and translators, ISO-approved technology, talented technicians and dedicated organizers, the company has been serving national and international customers for more than 15 years. Cosmos is widely recognized as a front-runner in the language industry..

“In a rapidly changing world, one of the keywords is connection. What KUDO does in the respect is amazing. It opens windows and builds virtual bridges bringing people together from all over the globe”, says Alketa Ylli, Founder & General Manager Cosmos, “The world has become smaller, and it speaks in one language: the KUDO language. We are excited to join this great enterprise” she added.

Cosmos believes that the use of RSI platforms and event organization will be in high demand. By partnering with KUDO, Cosmos is opening itself to the future.

By welcoming these new partners in Turkey, Albania and Ukraine, KUDO expands client access to its global cloud infrastructure and increases the array of options for those hoping to host online multilingual meetings.

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