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KUDO Releases Full Integration Solution for Multilingual Hybrid Meetings

Tuesday, 28 April, 2020

New York City, NY – KUDO Inc., the leading Language-as-a-Service platform for online meetings, has just added a solution for hybrid meetings integrating its signature cloud-based technology to existing interpretation hardware solutions through a Dante multi-channel audio interface.

With this new development, KUDO will identify and assign multiple languages from the Dante interface and provide access to participants in an online meeting.  Attendees and speakers can join a session and access presentations through KUDO’s award-winning web and mobile apps. Each participant can request to speak, vote, share their screens and distribute documents while following the session in their own language with the help of trained conference interpreters working out of  traditional booths at the conference hall. Using the interpreter consoles available in their booths, it’s business as usual for them. The new hybrid solution also enables KUDO to integrate with existing Media Asset Management Systems (MAMS) and centralized recording system available at the venue.

“KUDO’s vision is to enable language support for decentralized multilingual meetings’, says CEO and co-founder Fardad Zabetian, before adding: ”The hybrid meeting solution was developed in less than three weeks in support of organizations that are partially in lock-down.”

The solution applies to large enterprises and international organizations already equipped with conferencing and language interpretation infrastructure that now need to provide members with remote access to multilingual meeting access. KUDO provides integration for up to 16 assignable languages, a number that will soon be expanded to 32 in a few weeks.

The result is impressive audio quality for participants online and those in the conference hall, coupled with excellent and stable video access. KUDO is now investing on expanding its servers, infrastructure and cloud services to face a 60-fold increase in demand and usage witnessed in the last eight weeks.

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