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Major British Broadcaster


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In April 2022, a major British broadcaster was filming a Turkish documentary centered around 15 interviews with reps from different Turkish governmental parties. Given the nature of the interviews, it was important that nothing was lost in translation. The client was looking for a solution that would allow a steady flow of communication between interviewer and interviewee that would be seamless and reliable. KUDO stepped in to provide multilingual interpretation for the interviews in English and Turkish via the KUDO mobile app, enabling smooth and clear communication.

Why did they choose KUDO?

Having conducted multiple interviews before using consecutive interpretation, the organizers had experienced firsthand how time-consuming and limiting the stop-and-go practice was, particularly when interviewing politicians on very busy schedules. They sought a less time-consuming method of communication that promoted ease of conversation while staying within a very tight budget. Multilingual interpretation for interviews- is where KUDO shines.

How did we help?

KUDO provided live interpretation for the interviews via an interpreter joining remotely and interpreting in real time for both the interviewer and interviewee. This solution allowed both parties to maintain a steady flow of communication seamlessly, without stops and pauses.

To start, A KUDO rep contacted the client to answer any pre-filming questions and concerns. The interpreter booked for the assignment was provided with any necessary material (glossaries, names, etc.) so that they could prepare. KUDO then coordinated with the film crew and provided video and audio feed for both parties. During the interview, a KUDO rep was available to troubleshoot any last-minute configuration tweaks that may have arisen.

As the interview took place, live interpretation was fed through earpieces using KUDO’s mobile app, providing both the interviewer and interviewee with interpretation into their preferred language.

In post-production, the client used KUDO’s multilingual recording feature to download both English and Turkish versions of the interviews to edit, format, and caption the footage in whatever way they needed.

The Results

A seamless and smooth series of interviews were conducted via an albeit unusual but highly effective hybrid solution. An interpreter joined from their home, sparing the client the usual travel and accommodation costs that often come hand-in-hand with live interpretation. And thanks to KUDO’s recording feature, the client also has access to multilingual recordings for all interviews in both languages for their post-production needs. The KUDO team looks forward to bridging language even more gaps in new and creative ways.

KUDO can enhance how your teams collaborate.

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