Kerry Group – Increasing 4x the Attendance at Pride Month Celebration

Together with Pride Celebration- Annual global LBGTQIA+ Pride event

300 participants in 50 countries

Mandarin, Portuguese, ASL

KUDO Integrations, Streaming


In June of 2022, Kerry hosted the Together with Pride 22’ Celebrations, a week-long series of informative and interactive webinars to celebrate Pride month. The virtual event was organized by PRYSM, a Kerry Group Employee Resource Group, which brings together members from across the world to support, advocate and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Webinar subjects ranged from A Family View and A Womxn’s Perspective to Drag Bingo, with attendees from over 50 countries.

In the spirit of inclusivity, it was paramount that these webinars be as accessible as possible to encourage more engagement and collaboration. KUDO stepped in to provide interpretation in Mandarin, Portuguese, and American Sign Language (ASL), enabling members and supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community to be able to engage in multiple languages for the first time in the company’s history.

Pride is about education. As a business that’s growing internationally, Kerry knows that hosting English-only webinars does not provide inclusive training. Language shouldn’t be a barrier to education and/or training, and we were looking for a multilingual approach that would maximize the impact and resonation with our global, diverse team.”

How did we do it?

We wanted to address inclusivity head-on by giving our attendees language options for our webinars. Live captioning is a great first step, but they don’t encourage conversation and contribution. We knew that live interpretation was our best solution.”

Creating a multilingual experience for Kerry’s event required a combination of innovation and teamwork. With three weeks to prepare, KUDO was tasked with something we’d not yet attempted technically: interpretation on Zoom and streaming with sign language to the company’s workplace Facebook page. Finding, booking, and paying professional interpreters was easy thanks to the KUDO interpreter marketplace. We were able to find interpreters with relevant industry expertise in minutes.

The results

With the language barrier removed, the Kerry Group hosted their most inclusive and engaging set of webinars yet. They were also able to source and secure the best speakers for their panels, not only the best English-speaking ones. Their attendance numbers more than quadrupled compared to their last event, from 700 to 3500. Attendees appreciated the language offer, and one in four commented about the multilingual experience:

“As feedback for the organization team, Portuguese interpretation works very well. Congratulations on the initiative.”

“Seeing Kerry taking language interpretation to a new level moved me; language is the most un-highlighted barrier to learning – Thank You.”

Overall, Kerry connected with more people than ever and increased accessibility and inclusivity by giving their attendees the option to follow and participate in multiple languages. KUDO was proud to be there to support such an important series of webinars.

About Kerry

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