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300+ companies are already speaking our their language globally

We can translate your content live – anywhere

Tell us where you need other languages – on a video, an online platform, or an in-person meeting/event.

We find you professional interpreters who specialize in the language(s) and subject matter you need.

A technical expert operates the meeting, so you can concentrate on what matters most: the content.

12,000+ Professional language interpreters. 200+ Spoken and sign languages.

I need to book an interpreter on-demand

Discover 24/7 access to thousands of interpreters — schedule, book, and pay in real-time on one platform.

I need interpretation on my meeting platform

KUDO interpreters can be added to all major meeting and event platforms, integrating real-time interpretation.

I need interpretation and a secure platform

Experience meetings and events in your own language with professional interpreters on KUDO’s purpose-built platform.

Run meetings and events in multiple languages on your favorite platform

Every industry is going multilingual. Don’t get left behind.

Whether you’re pitching to new clients or conducting status calls with colleagues around the world, effective translation and communication are valuable currencies. Even if you or a team member is fluent in another language, a professional interpreter can bring clarity to your ideas and accelerate understanding with whomever you’re speaking.

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KUDO is a multilingual SAAS platform delivering true human collaboration. This enables you to do business without language or cultural barriers, to be more inclusive and productive, leveraging every idea, no matter the contributor’s native language.