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Wouldn’t life be easier if video conferencing platforms had a button that let every participant speak and listen in whatever language they want?” Enter KUDO.

Translate your meetings and events into 200 languages with live audio and captions

Ever wondered how much more you could achieve if your hiring, partnership, and expansion opportunities weren’t limited to speakers of your language?


of employees working in another language worry about missing information

*Foreign Language Anxiety Study, 2022.


of senior executives say miscommunication due to language leads to inefficiency

*Forbes Insights/RosettaStone survey with 106 senior U.S. executives.


of employees lose business due to a lack of foreign language skill

*American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Any language. Any platform. Unlimited potential.

AI-powered solution

AI speech translation

28+ languages, including regional variants

Available 24/7

Available on any meeting or event platform

Human interpretation

Professional interpretation

12,000+ interpreters to book on-demand

200+ spoken and sign languages

Available on any meeting or event platform

Trusted by 350+ movers and shakers

We empower organizations to foster inclusion, productivity and growth by taking their communication multilingual.

Language inclusivity

more than just happy faces

Can you afford not to go multilingual in 2023?
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Put simply, interpretation is the spoken or signed translation of language. Depending on the type of interpretation, this is either done in real-time with little to no delay or in a stop-and-go arrangement.

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is the method of remotely translating language, spoken or sign, in real time. RSI connects professional interpreters to virtual meetings, webinars, and events via servers in the cloud rather than a physical booth. With no hardware, participants can connect to meetings via mobile device, tablet, or PC from wherever they are.

KUDO works on all platforms via a native integration (Microsoft Teams, Hopin, On24, Bizzabo, etc.) or our weblink or desktop app. Find out how here.

KUDO allows clients to bring their own interpreters to the platform or book professional interpreters via the KUDO Interpreter Marketplace

KUDO has three key services- Technology, interpretation, and professional services, each with yearly licenses. Cost is determined depending on the recurrence of meetings, length of sessions, the level of support needed, etc.

KUDO digitalizes the in-person interpretation process by connecting human interpreters to virtual, live, and hybrid webinars, meetings, and events. In real-time, professional interpreters can translate what speakers say into over 200 spoken and sign languages.