KUDO Interpreter Assist

KUDO Interpreter Assist uses artificial intelligence to provide premium working conditions for our interpreters. Today, Interpreter Assist offers split-second glossary building to shorten the typical preparation time before an assignment. And with a virtual booth mate on the horizon, we’ll be adding the ability to flash numbers, terminology suggestions, and unit conversions directly on an interpreter’s screen.

How to build a glossary

Provide the details and source for your new glossary.

Once the project is created, click ‘Generate Glossary’ and KUDO Interpreter Assist will populate it with the relevant terminology for your meeting.

Boost the collaboration with your interpretation team.

See it in action!

What this means for our clients

Enhanced quality

Better preparation means higher quality interpretation

Improved teamwork

Glossary sharing improves consistency across interpreters.

Enhanced quality

Streamlined preparation. On-demand interpreter booking.

Are you an interpreter?

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