KUDO Interpreter Marketplace

Find, book, and pay interpreters on-demand for meetings and events on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Interprefy and Interactio.

How does it work?

Choose where you will host your meeting and fill in the meeting details. We currently support meetings on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Interprefy and Interactio.

Why choose KUDO?

Simultaneous Interpreter matchmaking

Source from a network of +12,000 vetted interpreters specialized in 200+ spoken and sign languages, that match your subject matter expertise.

Fast, safe, and flexible

Flexibility to book interpreters on your desired platform, 24/7 coverage and 2-hour lead time, automated confidentiality contracts with interpreters, all in a few clicks.

Simplified hourly pricing

Traditionally interpretation is quoted based on half-day or full-day services, requiring many back-and-forth e-mails. With hourly pricing and an online payment system the purchase can take less than 3 minutes.

Specialized in-house support

Our team of experts helps you host smooth multilingual meetings and events, from sound check to interpretation set up. KUDO takes care of the details, so you can focus on connecting and collaborating with your global audience.

Why host multilingual meetings and events?

Because now you can. Interpretation was once exclusive to royalty, governmental organizations, and the wealthy. With KUDO, this service is available to everyone. We match you with the perfect interpreters for meetings, webinars, and events, on-demand.

Broaden your global reach

Increase meeting inclusivity

Understand and be understood

Improve meeting engagement