At KUDO, we are working nonstop to support your business continuity plans and ensure that you can host multilingual meetings through the current health crisis.

We have been working extra hard on platform stability and security, and we are proud to introduce a major upgrade to our platform: KUDO v13. This is the most significant release since 2017 when KUDO was first launched commercially.

The new rollout offers a completely re-designed management console featuring a streamlined scheduling tool where users can quickly choose from a number of customizable pre-settings, according to session type and meeting size.

Organizations with parliamentary requirements also benefit from a new voting and polling feature. Moderators and operators can now follow the progress of a vote in real-time, with the list of names and results being updated as they go.

The upgrade also brings a simplified onboarding process for large event users, who now experience KUDO’s signature one-click log-in for a more consistent user experience across the platform.

Included with KUDO v13 is a vast array of new security features for greater access control, such as 5-digit session PIN, and the ability to eject unwanted users. The new release also introduces European-based servers allowing clients in Europe to host their meetings in full compliance with applicable regional privacy and data protection regulations.

The new release is the first in a series of incremental, weekly upgrades to different platform components. Waiting rooms will be rolled out over the next few weeks, along with a feature to lock the meeting once all relevant parties are in. This will give meeting hosts a tiered privacy and access control approach that they can tailor to unclassified and classified meetings alike.

We also introduced other, less visible enhancements under the hood, as part of a permanent effort to make KUDO a more stable and high-performing platform. Interpreters, too, will find a number of new features they’ve been asking for.

But don’t take our word for it. Come experience the power of KUDO v13 for yourself: Join one of our daily live demos today!

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