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Come see how KUDO is reinventing multilingual meetings

Join our Daily Panel Discussions providing a meaningful and interactive discussion around multilingual meetings, online and hybrid. Choose the topics that you like and experience the magic of our platform. All sessions are interpreted and include a demonstration of the platform, a presentation on a specific topic and a Q&A session so you can ask the experts.

  • Monday: Pivot to Hybrid Meetings
    Technical session focusing on hybrid meetings. Whether you are a technical person who would like to hear about how we connect rooms with KUDO Cloud or an event manager shifting into hybrid or online meetings, this is the session for you.
  • Tuesday: Benefits of KUDO Partnerships
    If you are curious about our worldwide Partner´s network, if you are an LSP or Audio visual rental company and would like to become a KUDO Partner: then this is the session for you. Each Tuesday we will interview a different Partner and learn about what makes their business successful, before and after they joined KUDO.
  • Wednesday: KUDO Behind the Scenes
    Join master Event Managers as they cover all things KUDO. From Best Practices for KUDO sessions to how easily you can create sessions, polls, modify sessions, get reports… This Panel Discussion is aimed at all of you out there wondering if KUDO is the tool for you.
  • Thursday: KUDO Enterprise Readiness & Compliance
    We are happy to welcome you to a technical session covering encrypted media and signaling, HTTPS support, cloud services, GDPR and more.
  • Friday: Best Practices for Virtual Meetings
    This session is for all of you wondering how to look like a pro at your next virtual event, from Guest Speakers to Event Managers to Participants, there are some things everyone should be aware of, specially at multilingual meetings. If you are a beginner, you will learn a lot; if you are highly experienced, join and share your knowledge with all.


Pivot to Hybrid Meetings


Benefits of KUDO Partnerships


KUDO Behind the Scenes


KUDO Enterprise Readiness & Compliance


Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

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