We’re introducing KUDO in a Nutshell, our new short video series. We will feature short videos—no more than two minutes—to highlight KUDO technology, applications and other interesting aspects. True to our multilingual nature, the videos will also be released in different languages.

The first video  in the series answer the question: “What is KUDO?”. It also explains in some detail what KUDO does. The message is short and casual, but we hope it’ll set the ball rolling and increase your understanding about our cloud-based solutions for multilingual meetings.

However, keep in mind that hearing about KUDO doesn’t come close to the real experience. We’d love to have you join us for a demo!

We want to make sure we answer all your questions. So if you have any questions you’d like us to address in our KUDO in a Nutshell series, send us an email at info@kudoway.com and we’ll try to answer it in two minute or less. Or leave a comment on our YouTube channel (and subscribe).

Video transcription

Good day everyone. Ewandro Magalhaes here, co-founder and VP of Communications at KUDO. I’m here today to answer a question we tend to get every now and again: WHAT IS KUDO?

There is a short answer and a slightly longer answer to that question. Here’s the short version: KUDO is a Language-as-a-Service platform to facilitate multilingual meetings, online and off. We provide a complete solution that includes state-of-the art technology and high-quality, human-powered language support (a.k.a. interpretation) delivered remotely or onsite.

There you have it. Now, if terms like “cloud-based” and “Language-as-a-Service” throw you for a loop, then let me try telling what KUDO is by explaining what it does:

KUDO basically allows anyone to engage in or host online meetings or conferences speaking their own language. You can follow the meeting from any computer or mobile device, with HD video and crisp audio. Which means that if you’re hosting an international conference, you may bypass the need to rent infrared receivers and booths for interpreters. And if you decide to have the interpreters sitting remotely, then you can save a lot of money in travel expenses, since you won’t have to fly interpreters around.

So, I hope this clarifies what KUDO is and does. Then again, hearing about KUDO doesn’t come close to what it feels like when you actually experience KUDO in an actual meeting. So click on the link below and join our next online interactive demo. It is totally free. See you there and thank you!

Here’s another video on how KUDO works

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