Cloud-based interpretation (a.k.a. RSI) is the biggest technological innovation in interpreting since the Nuremberg Trials when the simultaneous mode was officially adopted.

Granted, audio quality, microphone design and headset ergonomics have all improved markedly since World War II. But despite the modern technology behind it, a microphone is still a microphone. And the headsets used in Nuremberg don’t look drastically different from the ones we see today.

Conference interpreters have gradually adapted to the new times. Many now bring their computers and even tablets to the booth. The bravest among them are slowly relinquishing their attachment to paper. Yet, when it comes to new interpreting delivery platforms, many interpreters still see them as a threat. These colleagues harbor fears of market retraction, price suppression, quality loss or all the above.

The video message below dismisses these fears. Ewandro Magalhaes,  co-founder VP of Communications at KUDO — and a world-class conference interpreter — explains everything KUDO does to support interpreters and help them realize the untapped opportunities that await beyond one’s comfort zone. The video is barely 5′ long. But we hope the message will stay with you a lot longer.

Video Transcription


My name is Ewandro Magalhães, Vice-President of Communications at KUDO. It is my pleasure to welcome a fellow interpreter into the family.

KUDO is a multilingual collaboration platform. Our cloud-based solution allows people to attend conferences anywhere, any time and in their own language. It also allows you, as an interpreter, to service conferences safely and professionally, regardless of your physical location.

I know some of you approach novel interpretation delivery platforms such as KUDO with a certain level of reluctance. And as a practicing interpreter, I totally sympathize. But I am here to put your mind at ease.

I am a conference interpreter, with nearly three decades of experience. I have a degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). I am a trainer of interpreters and a published author in the field. For nearly seven years I was also the Chief Interpreter of a United Nations agency in Geneva, ITU, where I got to manage, hire, assess and evaluate hundreds of interpreters. I have interpreted on four continents, at the highest possible level.

Now, I don’t say any of this to  impress you, but rather to impress upon you one important notion:

When it comes to interpreting, we at KUDO know what we’re doing.

As a business insider, it is my job to see to it that our great technology be rolled out in full consideration of interpreters.

I understand how critical it is to safeguard the working conditions our profession has fought so hard to establish;

I know good interpreting is teamwork, and we’d rather assign you to work with a colleague whenever possible;

I understand you feel most comfortable working from a booth, so we’re working hard in setting up KUDO studios through partners worldwide.

I also know your reputation is all you have, and that you just must not be held accountable for technical glitches beyond your control.

KUDO will stand for you and protect your reputation as an interpreter, when needed. We’ll also give you full visibility and credit, where credit is due;

You’ll be happy to know, also, that KUDO does not impose rates or payment policies. When you work through KUDO, the price of your services will continue to be a matter of free negotiation, between you and the client.

A Disruptive Technology

All that said, KUDO is also a disruptive technology. We are breaking new ground and blazing new trails. We’re pushing the technology to its limits, in an effort to accommodate growing market demand for more technology and inclusion in the multilingual space.

Our goal is to expand the multilingual space by making it accessible and affordable to new markets and industries. We believe this will create incredible new opportunities to interpreters everywhere, especially those so far isolated by distance or circumstance.

We’re not in to replace anybody or anything. At the end of the day, no technology in the world will replace the talent, the wit, and the presence of mind of a human interpreter. But our industry is growing increasingly technological and changing fast. And the faster you adapt, the more resourceful you will become. The longer your career will be.

So, I invite you to learn more about KUDO and get involved. Visit us online at and get the facts. Online you will have a chance to review our Success Stories and how we’re making a difference for our clients. I also suggest you check the Applications folder, where you can see the many issues for which KUDO can be a solution. You can also, of course, review the many features on our platform and finally meet the people behind KUDO.

We’re also holding online demos just for interpreters on a regular basis. Please make sure to check those out (you can register at

And do get in touch. On our contact page you can ask questions, schedule a tour of our platform, get a quote and inquire about partnerships. And I am ready to answer any questions that you might have.

So, on behalf of all of us at KUDO, thank you very much. See you in the next video.

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Over to you. Have you tried KUDO? What was your experience?

What do you find most challenging in the new interpreting delivery platforms?

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