If you haven’t yet joined one of our interactive online demos, you absolutely must come in for a test-drive.

KUDO’s multilingual demos offer a good mixture of entertainment and tons of information. They are offered bi-weekly, in two varieties. One is a thorough online review of every feature and application in the platform

, airing live every other Tuesday. They offer a good mixture of entertainment and tons of information. Attendees and interpreters get a full overview while testing hands-on all the features and applications that make KUDO the powerful platform it is.

Presentations are made in English and interpreted live into a variety of languages. The full content can be streamed to smartphones and computers, regardless of physical location. With KUDO, distance is no object. Neither is language.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your global reach and to communicate across cultures and languages, making time to attend one of these 45-minute reviews will be well worth your while. Registration is free and open throughout the year. But spots are limited, and classes fill up fast. Please check the next dates and register now.

Are You an Interpreter? We have a demo for you, too

Every other Thursday, KUDO also offers a specific demo just for interpreters. This webinar provides interpreters with a premium opportunity to interpret live through KUDO for 30 minutes and explore the various features available in KUDO’s interpreter console. The most recent demo was attended by as many as 16 interpreters from countries as far away as Indonesia and China. They all worked at the same time and took relay off of one another for half an hour, without any glitch. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“What a revolutionary, disruptive and pioneering solution!” – F. Lacerda

“I’ve seen part of the future of conference interpreting, and I bet it involves KUDO. Very impressive demo this morning.” – J. Jenner

If you are an interpreter, we’d love to have you at our next demo. But you gotta hurry. Register at your earliest convenience. The next session is already sold out, and spots for February are going fast. .

KUDO is a platform built by interpreters and with interpreters in mind. We know effective human communication is not yet possible without true human talent. We strive to provide interpreters with the environment and the tools they need to do what they do best. To learn more about what KUDO is doing to reassure interpreters, watch our interpreter manifesto.

We’re also in the process of finalizing an onboarding course for interpreters, in seven comprehensive steps leading to full KUDO Certification. The course will be offered online to all conference interpreters interested in expanding their horizons in a professional and safe manner.

Granted, you will have to put in some effort to earn that certification. But for now, we want you to let your hair down and take a test drive at our next session. We promised you will be entertained and amazed at how comfortable it feels to interpret through KUDO, with fully synced video and crisp audio streamed to you without interruption.

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