Yesterday was a special day at our Washington DC Studio. We hosted the inaugural multilingual webinar in our brand new facilities, with two ISO-standard walk-in interpreter booths and with interpreters on site and abroad.

The hour-long meeting, hosted by Fardad Zabetian, KUDO’s Founder and CEO, showcased KUDO’s multifaceted features like attendee chat, voting, presentation sharing and seamless language switching. The presentations were made in English and Spanish out of our KUDO’s HQ in New York City.

Attendees could listen in to the meeting in English, German, Spanish or Portuguese. Barry Olsen and Cris Silva shared the booths with Ewandro Magalhaes in DC, with Barbara Werderitsch rendering the meeting into German from her home studio in Madrid. Our heartfealt gratitude to them, for making this historic event a success, and for their excellent interpretation.

Barry Olsen actually took the opportunity to do a video review of the new

Washington DC Studio. Here’s what he had to say about the installations and what it feels to interpret from an actual KUDO studio.

KUDO is an interpreter-centric platform, and the KUDO Studios go a long way in providing interpreters with the reassurance and premium working conditions they need to concentrate on nothing but interpreting.

Our thanks to the 70+ attendees who registered for yesterday’s demo. Thank you for joining us on the journey to breaking language barriers. We hope to see you next time!

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