Introducing KUDO for On24

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You can now add multilingual interpretation to your On24 events with KUDO

This week, KUDO announced its newest integration into virtual events platform On24, bringing multilingual access to the virtual event space. This new integration brings KUDO’s unmatched network of 12,000 vetted professional interpreters directly to On24, giving attendees access to over 200 spoken and sign languages directly integrated into On24’s platform.

This integration allows users to reach global multilingual audiences on On24 while addressing inclusion and accessibility needs for online or hybrid events and webinars.

Key features include:

Simultaneous interpretation into 200+ spoken and sign languages.

Supports up to 32 languages per event, with up to 3,000 users/language.

Leverage the power of KUDO’s growing network of 12,000+ interpreters.

Multilingual captioning available in 11 languages.

On-demand interpreter booking for streamlined event logistics.

Integrates seamlessly within any ON24 event.

Clients looking to book interpreters also have access to KUDO Marketplace, one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2021. All within the KUDO Marketplace platform, clients can find, schedule, and pay on-demand interpreters in just a few clicks with around-the-clock availability.

With KUDO Language Access for On24, diversity and accessibility are more than just buzzwords used to promote your next big event. Take your audience global and have dynamic and impactful virtual events where everyone is free to participate in their preferred language.

What is KUDO?

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