KUDO Marketplace

KUDO Marketplace is a new service that automates the booking of interpreters with 24/7 access to thousands of KUDO Pro interpreters in real-time with instant booking confirmations.

How to book your meeting

  • Schedule your meeting

    KUDO Marketplace - Schedule

    Provide meeting date, time, languages needed and confirm information and interpreter fee.

  • Book Interpreters

    KUDO Marketplace - Book

    Once meeting details are confirmed click ‘Book Interpreters’ and be matched with KUDO Pro certified interpreter(s) immediately.

  • Join the meeting

    KUDO Marketplace - Join

    Join your meeting

See it in action!

What this means for our clients



Full automation of process with instant confirmation, no extra travel or logistics


Quality Assurance

You will be working with KUDO Pro interpreters vetted for experience



Suggested optimal number of interpreters per meeting with tiered pricing


Are you an interpreter

interested in working on KUDO Marketplace?