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Connect your world

Hosting a multilingual meeting or event with your clients or colleagues in their preferred language enables deeper collaboration while showing that you respect participants’ contributions.

3 steps to better meetings

Step 1

Choose KUDO’s video-conferencing solution, purpose-built for multilingual meetings.

Step 2

Select your participants’ language(s) and book your interpreters.

Step 3

Conduct your meeting on your preferred conferencing platform with free-flowing ideas, collaboration, and mutual understanding.

Simplify global business

With KUDO, you have an easy and reliable way to bring the important people in your world together in real-time on one platform. There is no need to worry about localizing your presentations or trying out rusty language skills. You conduct your meeting in your preferred language, and KUDO’s interpretation experts ensure that everyone can participate in theirs.

Experience the power of a multilingual meeting

Reduce your carbon footprint

By running global meetings on KUDO, you no longer need to be in the same room as your counterparts to feel connected, and you don’t have to fly in interpreters. Your meetings and virtual events take place 100% online, over your preferred conferencing platform, without losing the feel of true connection.

Working with KUDO since 2022

Share ideas in the moment

Many organizations will record, transcribe, translate, and then distribute meeting notes to attendees a day or two after an event to work around language differences. With KUDO, all participants communicate live in their preferred language. This creates greater efficiency and makes the most of your colleagues’ or clients’ time.