Add professional, human language interpretation to your meetings and events.

New to KUDO? Watch a demo.

New to KUDO? Watch a demo.

300+ companies are already speaking our their language

Language interpretation on any platform,
with full technical and operational support.

Tell us what video conferencing platform you’d like your interpreter to join you on, or whether it’s an in-person job.

We match you with a professional interpreter who specializes in the language and subject matter you need them to cover.

A technical expert operates the meeting behind the scenes, so you can concentrate on what matters most: the content.

Send us your audio or video files.

Tell us what spoken or sign language(s) you want added to your content.

Our interpreters work their magic and send you the translated file(s) back.

12,000+ Professional language interpreters. 200+ Spoken and sign languages.

Every industry is going multilingual. Don’t fall behind.

International Meetings

Focus Groups & Interviews

Government Meetings

Manufacturing & Logistics

Online & Hybrid Events

Webinars & Seminars

Training & Workshops

Town Halls & All Hands Meetings

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