Why host multilingual meetings and events on Microsoft Teams?

For global companies and organizations, communicating and collaborating isn’t always easy. To improve communication, some businesses opt to add real-time multilingual interpretation to their Microsoft Teams meetings and events with KUDO. The following are a few benefits KUDO for Teams brings to the table.

KUDO for Microsoft Teams

More language options increase inclusivity and accessibility

Inclusion and accessibility have become the latest buzzwords in the online meeting and event space. With most of us adapting to remote work during and even after (what we hope was) the worst of the pandemic, the question of how we can make these meetings and events more inclusive and accessible has been raised. Hosting multilingual meetings on Teams directly addresses inclusion and accessibility head-on.

Improve communication with international clients

Business English isn’t as reliable as you’d think. In fact, 25% of employees surveyed lost business due to a lack of foreign language skills ( To put it plainly, language limitations are affecting your bottom line. Including live interpretation with remote simultaneous interpretation software like KUDO for Microsoft Teams significantly reduces misunderstandings and gives all participants the comfort of communicating in their preferred language.

Improve efficiency, engagement, productivity, and collaboration

Access to multiple languages in meetings and events can dramatically affect business efficiency and productivity as studies show that we learn best in our native languages ( It’s easier to follow presentations in your native language, and attendees are more inclined to participate when they have this option. Moreover, 43% of the senior executives surveyed stated that miscommunications due to language were leading to inefficiency, and 46% stated that productivity is lower than it should be due to language barriers (Rosetta Stone).

With KUDO for Microsoft Teams, multilingual meetings couldn’t be easier. KUDO’s dropdown language selector is integrated directly into the Microsoft Teams platform. You can also access the largest on-demand professional interpreter network via KUDO Interpreter Marketplace. In just a few clicks, you can find, book, and pay professional interpreters with expertise in your preferred subject matter to support your live event on Teams.

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