Communication technology has evolved into a powerful tool for making connections. Now more than ever, companies are ditching their regular conference calls and favoring online meeting platforms which offer an added video component along with more features. While the shift from dial-in to online brings ease and a video component to meetings, most companies aren’t taking advantage of the accessibility that virtual meetings bring to the table.

Online meeting platforms give companies the avenue to connect with people all over the world. As a result, companies are expanding for a variety of reasons- growing their customer bases, accessing new talent, diversifying their portfolios, mergers and acquisitions, the list goes on. But with a global team comes new languages and holding monolingual online meetings for international teams doesn’t ensure everyone equal accessibility. For example, if meetings are held in an employee’s second or third language, they may miss information or be hesitant to speak up and put forth ideas. A solution to that problem is to only hire team members who speak the company’s primary language, but how much talent will you be missing out on? A better solution is including Remote Simultaneous Interpreters (RSI) to your meetings via multilingual meeting platforms like KUDO. This way, everyone can participate in their preferred language, the entire team is engaged, and nothing gets lost in translation.

Not considering expanding your team? With the new the innovations in technology, you can still have more inclusive and accessible meetings by adding captions and sign language interpretation to your meetings and events. Again, KUDO lets you hold multilingual meetings with real-time interpretation from vetted professional interpreters in 100+ sign languages. And as of October 10th, AI powered live captioning will also be available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, and Arabic further increasing your next meeting’s accessibility.

For companies that are committed to inclusion and accessibility but are also equally committed to their company’s tech stack, KUDO’s latest release is the perfect solution. KUDO Language Access is a platform agnostic solution that provides inclusive and accessible meetings via on-demand interpretation on virtual meeting and event platforms. Hosting your annual global event on Hopin? Turn it into a multilingual event with KUDO Language Access. Conducting a user research study with a diverse group of participants on Google Meet? Give everyone the freedom to participate in their mother tongue with KUDO Language Access. With KUDO Language Access, online meeting platforms can seamlessly integrate KUDO’s drop-down language selector into their own user interface enabling the meeting participants to engage, interact, or listen in their preferred language.

With the latest advancements and innovations in technology, there is no longer an excuse for non-inclusive and non-accessible online meetings or events. The best part is that companies like KUDO make the transition to inclusion easy giving your meeting and event participants a chance to truly engage and connect on whatever platform they choose.


Are you ready to make your next virtual meeting more inclusive and accessible than ever? Request a demo with KUDO and see what the future of virtual meetings is all about.

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