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First, the good news: companies worldwide are starting to embrace accessibility and inclusivity by offering interpreter-supported meetings, webinars, and events with multiple spoken and sign languages. Platforms like KUDO are making this easy by pairing the latest videoconferencing tech with language and event expertise to allow everyone to understand and be understood by providing access to professional interpreters for virtual or hybrid events.

The bad news? Well, it isn’t so bad. The fact is, having access to professional interpretation is relatively new for people outside of governmental organizations, so many of us do not know what to expect and how to prepare.

We asked a few interpreters in our network one question: What is your #1 piece of advice for people who join interpreter-supported meetings and events?

“Quality sound is paramount. USB headsets are best!”

It’s no surprise that good sound is essential to interpreters. After all, their job is to translate your thoughts, ideas, and insights in real time. The number one piece of advice professional interpreters had to offer is to wear a headset. Bluetooth technology sometimes cuts out, making the interpreter’s job difficult. USB headsets have a more stable connection and are also used by interpreters themselves.

“Preparation materials help us help you.”

Interpretation is a high-pressure profession. Not only is the job itself extremely mentally exhausting (interpreters usually don’t interpret for more than 20-30 minutes, which is why they work in pairs to take turns), but sometimes meetings are unpredictable. The best way you can help is to give them preparation materials before the interpreter-supported event. This helps them learn names, prepare glossaries, and do the appropriate research.

“Enjoy yourself”

If you are speaking at an event or a meeting with live interpretation, speak as you usually would and let interpreters do their job. The more authentic you are, the easier it will be for the interpreter to be your voice in another language and get your message across.

We hope these tips help during your next interpreter-supported experience. Interested in hosting your own multilingual meetings, webinars, and events? Click here to learn more about how KUDO makes multilingual meetings easy, on any platform.

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