3 things professional interpreters want you to know

Translator, human dictionary, foreign word magician – depending on your knowledge of the incredibly niche and fascinating world of interpretation, you may have referred to a professional interpreter using one of the former terms (ok, maybe not foreign word magician). It’s not your fault; interpretation is a profession that was once only accessible to queens and kings. And now, with modern innovations like KUDO, interpretation is more accessible to everyone and becoming a staple in virtual meetings, webinars, and events expecting global audiences.

We decided to reach out to a few of the over 12,000 professional interpreters in our network to ask them what they wish we knew about interpretation.

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“Preparation material is crucial!”

Clients are always encouraged to send preparation materials for the assigned interpreters to study beforehand. This gives them a better handle on the speakers’ names and gives them time to build a glossary of terms to work from. These preparation materials also help the interpreters get up to speed on the topics that will be discussed during the meeting or event. Think of the preparation materials operating as a GPS that helps professional interpreters better navigate the conversations.

“Privacy is the name of our game.”

Interpreters sign NDAs regularly; it’s simply a part of the job. At KUDO, interpreters sign NDAs when they join our roster of professional conference interpreters. Client privacy is essential, and interpreters are used to upholding the highest level of confidentiality. And how could they not be used to it? Interpreters are regularly called upon to ease communication in the highest of high-stake situations, from the Nuremberg trials to private negotiations between world leaders, interpreters have been in the room.

“A polyglot does not an interpreter make.”

In other words, just because you know multiple languages doesn’t necessarily mean that you fit the “professional interpreter” bill. Years of hard work go into mastering the skills required to perform this mentally and physically exhausting profession. Knowing two or more languages is just the beginning. Interpreting is more than speaking two languages; it’s about mastering multitasking, translating, listening, speaking, matching the tone and intensity of the original speaker, and communicating with your booth mate (interpreters usually work in pairs) all at once.

At KUDO are fortunate to work with incredible interpreters daily to support meetings, webinars, and global events. This network of over 12,000 on-demand professional interpreters is accessible to KUDO clients in over 200 languages via our marketplace. The best part, KUDO integrates into any platform. Click here to book a free demo to learn more about KUDO.

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