On September 26th, KUDO will be supporting AVIXA’s Women’s Council and Media Vision as they go global in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. With KUDO, all interested AVIXA members will be able to participate in the AVIXA Women’s Council regional NYC meeting, in person, or follow along remotely on KUDO.

This event will be held in Media Vision’s NYC office from 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT. However, our technology allows anyone to follow along to this amazing talk in their own language, no matter where they are! Join us, from anywhere, by registering below.

The speaker for this session will be Annabelle Zabetian, president of Media Vision. Annabelle will discuss how Media Vision overcame challenges and successfully expanded their small NYC-based business overseas. Zabetian began at Media Vision in 2009 as a Project Manager in the San Francisco office, leading a variety of large-scale early initiatives of the company and supporting expansion efforts across North America and Europe. As Marketing Director, she worked strategically to help Media Vision go global. Her work was recently celebrated with a Young AV Professionals Award.

The topic of this event, Going Global, can sound daunting. However, opportunities really do emerge when communication flows seamlessly. If you’re interested in how KUDO can help you go global, join us for a live demo. We’ll help you bring your message to an international audience.

So, why is KUDO supporting AVIXA? Well, KUDO champions diversity. By allowing businesses and clients to connect onsite or online using whatever language they choose to speak, we are helping clients and users break through geographic and language barriers. This is why we support AVIXA’s goal of supporting and empowering women in tech and AV. Together, we’re working towards inclusiveness.

To follow along on KUDO click the button below.

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