A Message from the CEO

The world is currently battling a new virus outbreak. From what we hear in the news, it has spread rapidly over the last two months, with new cases confirmed every day.

The coronavirus is shutting down borders and isolating entire communities in China, South Korea, Iran, Japan and more recently in Northern Italy. Cases have also been reported in virtually every country. Far or near, this is a human tragedy that affects us all.

We stand in solidarity with the first responders, the health professionals, and the scientists who put their own life at risk to help us quickly earn the understanding and the means needed to beat this adversity. We commend their selfless effort and we know they will succeed in short order.

Yet while the search for a solution unfolds, we all have to make sure this health crisis does not become a business catastrophe. Left unchecked, this virus can be as lethal to businesses as it is to people, with major losses piling up fast from cancelled events, travel restrictions and quarantines.

Business continuity

Now, on the business front, the good news is the technology already exists to ensure you can continue to meet and interact with your partners, clients and staff globally, as before, in a manner that does not threaten anybody’s health and safety.

In the last two weeks, KUDO has been working round the clock to expand our servers in mainland China to accommodate a larger number of meetings. We have partnered with the largest interpreting agency in China to meet the language support requirement of Chinese firms and their clients. We are also extending complimentary access to China-based participants attending international meetings online through KUDO.

I’m here to tell you that you do not need to cancel your next meeting or conference over health concerns.

Since the start of this crisis, our engineers and software developers have been working nonstop to create a hybrid meeting setup through a combination of traditional hardware and KUDO’s cloud-based solution. This has enabled KUDO to support multilateral organizations which are now confirming their upcoming meetings for large audiences onsite and online.

In addition to the technology, our roster of 2,000 trained conference interpreters and a network of partners on four continents are available to support your meetings with guaranteed success, no matter where you are or what language your participants speak.

We’re ready to accommodate anything from scheduled business video calls, regional meetings to large onsite conferences in unlimited languages, for an unlimited number of participants.

Don’t cancel your meeting just yet

So, if your flights got cancelled or if your area is quarantined, or if you just prefer to stay close to home to help calm the craze, we can provide the business continuity solution you need. KUDO was created exactly for times and situations like the ones we’re living through now.

I trust you will stay safe during this time of crisis, and we stand in solidarity with our clients and partners everywhere in the world.

Please contact our team today to discuss your business continuity plans and how online or hybrid meetings can help you stay in business through this crisis and beyond.

Fardad Zabetian | CEO

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