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We built KUDO to enhance the world’s communication, inventing a secure, remote interpretation platform capable of integrating with any existing web conferencing solution.

To be understood is to be human

Created by global conferencing and interpretation experts, KUDO facilitates a fundamental need every one of us shares – to have our ideas and contributions heard, validated, and appreciated. That can only happen when others understand our intentions

How does multilingual interpretation differ from translation? See how KUDO seamlessly merges world-class language interpretation and AI technology.

The potential for true human connection

When others understand us, we are empowered to contribute to a common cause or initiative. Imagine what your organization can achieve when more of your team feels completely invested.

A vision for a borderless world

Frequently asked questions

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The three most common types of interpretation are consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered (or chuchotage).

Consecutive interpretation is a low-tech, stop-and-go interpretation generally used in small meetings. While a speaker converses, an interpreter takes structured notes, waits for the interpreter to pause, and then reproduces what the speaker has said in another language.

Simultaneous interpretation is a more fluid style of interpretation where the interpreter listens, analyzes, and translates what is being said into another language in real time while the speaker speaks or signs. This style of interpretation was born and perfected as a time-saving alternative to consecutive interpretation during the Nuremberg Trials in 1945.

Whispered interpretation is a low-tech style of interpreting where an interpreter simultaneously interprets what is being said or signed, whispering the interpretation into the ear of one or two meeting participants. This type of interpretation is often used in small meetings.