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Continue your journey as a KUDO Certified Interpreter

Are you certified, but want to become proficient on the platform?

KUDO Mock Sessions are held three times per week by the Language Services team for you to practice using the virtual console, without the pressure of an actual event. These are Mock Meetings with an initial soundcheck, and then a practice using live or recorded speeches in different languages.

These Mock Sessions have limited spots, there will be different languages on the floor and the switches are often unannounced (just like in any multilingual conference). This is a chance for interpreters to really practice taking relay, switch their outgoing channels, practice handover, and really ensure that their hardware, sound, and connectivity work well on KUDO.

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DISCLAIMER: These sessions are not to practice your interpretation skills, but rather the features on the virtual console. By attending these sessions you confirm that you are a trained, experienced Conference Interpreter seeking to get more practice on the platform.