My battery is low. Can I join the meeting from my desktop instead?

Absolutely. You can always attend from your desktop or notebook. Just go to https://live.kudoway.comand sign in normally.

I am bilingual. Can I toggle between languages once the meeting has started?

By all means. You are welcome to change languages any time, as often as you want.

Do I get to replay past meetings I have attended?

Yes. KUDO keeps a record of all meetings you have attended in the past. And, yes, you can play back any event to which you have been previously invited.

Is wi-fi connection a must, or does the app run under normal 4G coverage?

The app runs under wi-fi as well as 3G/4G networks. Keep in mind that the system’s performance will be in direct relation to the strength and stability of your coverage.

Where can I get more information on your products and services?

Our website provides tons of information on products, services, features, applications, partners, pricing and much more. Be sure to visit us at