We have some exciting news for KUDO Certified Interpreters. Your Interpreter Profile can now be shared with the world. The matchmaking between interpreters and prospective clients just became easier.

To give you a taster, here’s the link to my own interpreter profile: https://interpreter.kudoway.com/2084770567

Anyone who’s signed up to KUDO as an interpreter (even if you are not yet certified) can claim the link to their own KUDO Interpreter Profile. To do so, just log back into KUDO with the credentials you used when you first registered. Once in your profile, look for this Copy profile link button, on the left-hand side menu.

interpreter profile

This is an all-new version of KUDO’s Interpreter Profile. You will notice that we have changed the order of elements around to focus on the most information first, starting with your professional Summary, which now accommodates 500 words.

Also, following a debate on Twitter, and at the request of a few of you, we have removed any mention of age or nationality from the public profile.

If you haven’t accessed your profile recently, or if you need a refresher, the video below provides a good recap of everything you need to do to access your profile and claim your KUDO Interpreter Profile link.

So, enjoy showing sharing your KUDO Certified status with the world today. I hope your new public profile will make you visible and very prosperous.

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