KUDO is a powerful cloud-based platform that is reshaping the way we meet and interact across geographic and language barriers.

Operating out of Manhattan, KUDO combines established technology and premium conference services for hassle-free conferencing, collaboration and audience engagement in multiple languages. The company offers solutions for web conferencing as well as live events.

People and businesses across the globe are now able to join meetings through their own smart devices or notebook computers. They can make and follow presentations, engage in Q&A, cast votes and exchange files as they meet. They can be in the room or half a world away.

KUDO streams high-quality audio, fully synched video, language interpretation, digital files, and archives straight down from the cloud. It places sensitive information timely and safely in the palm of one’s hands. And in a language one can understand.

Meeting planners welcome the opportunity to recruit talent worldwide for local events while saving on travel. Attendees can participate fully through their own devices, no matter where they are in the world. The company offers a flexible pricing schedule and modular implementation requiring minimal installations. That means extra savings from travel expenses not incurred. And half the mess, too.

KUDO comes onto the scene with more than just sound R&D. It seems prepared to anticipate and dismiss the resistance clients and providers may have shown to similar solutions in the past. To this end, the company relies on the combined 40-year experience of its senior team, comprising a visionary engineer with a proven track record in conferencing technology and a seasoned language industry thought leader.

With an inclusive business model, they see opportunities for synergism in markets they know well. “We’re industry insiders”, says CEO and founder Fardad Zabetian. “We’re in to grow the multilingual space beyond the meeting rooms” he adds, looking out the window onto 7th Ave. “KUDO is here so businesses and executives can connect in more meaningful ways, by expressing themselves in their own language.”

Ewandro Magalhaes, one of KUDO’s co-founders and the company’s VP of Communications, comes at it from a slightly different angle: “We want the technology to accommodate the principles of language, collaboration, and interaction that make us human,” says the former chief interpreter and senior UN staff. “And we want to do so while upholding the standards the industry has fought hard to establish,” he adds.

KUDO offers a turn-key solution for web conferencing in multiple languages, through a convenient monthly subscription. Meeting planners can rely on KUDO to handle their multilingual live events.

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