The pace of innovation at KUDO never stops. Just two months after the release of v2.6, a new version hits the market featuring multilingual support for large events and an unlimited number of languages. The latest version can accommodate audiences of up to 3,000 users per language channel.

Large events. We mean real large

Streaming language live to large audiences has long been on the wish list of large corporate clients. With KUDO’s ever-growing feature set, event organizers and corporate clients have the ability to widen the scope of their international conferences, annual conventions, worldwide product launches, and other, truly global events. The new feature was successfully put to the test in a real-life event for one of the leading social network platforms’ annual conference. Attendees onsite, and many more around the world, followed the program in 15 languages through the live interpretation done by 28 interpreters working out of 5 KUDO Certified Studios in 3 countries. The solution was tailor-made to the needs of that specific client. “They wanted their developers’ conference interpreted into 14 languages for about 3,000 attendees in San Jose, CA and to multiple sites around the globe. We anticipated a massive turnout and we reengineered our system virtually overnight to accommodate multiple audio channels of larger capacity”, says Fardad Zabetian, KUDO’s Founder and CEO. To ensure easy access to meetings, KUDO now offers a dynamic landing page with automatic prompts that invite participants to join the next session in the program with one single click. Full and detailed meeting reports can now be downloaded as soon as the meeting is over.

Interpreter visibility

The new release also benefits the 600+ freelance interpreters registered with KUDO, who now have a visible professional profile they can share with prospective clients and use to attract leads. KUDO-Certified interpreters can now showcase their skills and their preparedness as tech-savvy professionals. Clients, in turn, can review the interpreters’ credentials at their own discretion and contact those who better match their needs. “Quality in interpretation starts with selecting the right interpreters”, says Ewandro Magalhaes, KUDO’s VP of Marketing & Communications, himself a conference interpreter. “The new Interpreter Profile” just made that selection easier for all concerned.” KUDO keeps delivering on its promise of continued innovation to reinvent the multilingual meetings space beyond language and geographic barriers while taking into account the needs of every stakeholder.

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