Language translation for Hopin

Add live, human interpretation to your Hopin webinars, meetings, and events.

KUDO Language Access Hopin

Hopin + KUDO Language translation =

Successful multilingual meetings, focus groups, interviews, and virtual or hybrid events
  • Multilingual virtual events
  • Hybrid meetings and webinars
  • Internal company meetings.
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Features of our Hopin integration

Hopin customers can now access KUDO’s dropdown language selector in the Hopin interface, empowering meeting and event participants to listen in their preferred language.

Simultaneous interpretation into 200+ spoken and sign languages.

Supports up to 32 languages per event.

Multilingual captioning available.

Leverages the power of KUDO’s growing network of 12,000+ interpreters.

On-demand interpreter booking for streamlined event logistics.

Why take your Hopin meetings and events multilingual?

Broaden your global reach

Increase accessibility and inclusion

Real-time human translation

Improve participant engagement

Understand and be understood in your language