Language translation for BlueJeans

Add live, human interpretation to your BlueJeans meetings and events.

KUDO Language Access Desktop BlueJeans

BlueJeans + KUDO Language translation =

Successful multilingual meetings, focus groups, interviews, and virtual or hybrid events
KUDO Language Access Desktop BlueJeans
  • Weekly or bi-weekly internal team meetings.
  • Monthly town hall meetings.
  • Quarterly webinars.
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Features of our BlueJeans integration

Simultaneous interpretation into 200+ spoken and sign languages.

On-demand booking for streamlined event logistics.

Leverages the power of KUDO’s growing network of 12,000+ interpreters.

Supports up to 32 languages per event with up to 3K users/language.

Operates on any video-conferencing tool, and media.

Available via a drop-down menu on the BlueJeans interface.

Why take your BlueJeans meetings and events multilingual?

Broaden your global reach

Increase accessibility and inclusion

Real-time human translation

Improve participant engagement

Understand and be understood in your language