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KUDO recently announced its newest integration into virtual events platform On24, bringing multilingual access to the virtual event space. This new integration brings KUDO’s unmatched network of 12,000 vetted professional interpreters directly to On24, giving attendees access to over 200 spoken and sign languages for their On24 events.

While innovations and integrations are meant to solve problems, we understand that they sometimes raise questions. Listed below are a few answers to some frequently asked questions that we hope will be helpful.

1. How does the KUDO integration work?

The KUDO integration for On24 provides audio translations of On24 sessions via live interpretation by professional interpreters. All event attendees will be able to see a ‘KUDO’ tab and follow the event in their preferred language via the integrated drop-down language selector. Attendees will be asked to mute the main audio manually so that they can hear only the interpretation.

2. Can my event be supported by my own interpreters?

Yes. Clients are able to staff their own interpreters for all KUDO supported meetings and events, no matter the platform via the KUDO platform. Clients without an interpreter network of their own can use KUDO to not only schedule their meeting or event, but to find, book, and pay professional on-demand interpreters as well.

3. How many languages can On24 support per event?

Up to 32 languages can be supported on an On24 event with KUDO support with multilingual captioning available for up to 11 languages. Up to 3000 users can access each language at once.

4. How do I add KUDO to my next On24 event?

Your first step is to talk to KUDO about setting up a KUDO account by requesting a demo here. Once this step is complete, you can follow the instructions on On24’s website.

Are you ready to reach a global audience by making your next On24 event multilingual? To get started, speak to your account executive to activate the KUDO integration within On24. Once you are set up, you’ll be able to start adding multilingual support to your virtual and hybrid events.

What is KUDO?

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