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Hi, I’m Rebecca Schuette, VP of Marketing for KUDO.

As businesses and organizations continue to grow, most of us are working on increasing our global reach. And with the newest marketing event platforms, connecting with potential partners and clients in other countries is easier than ever. Virtual events have increased 35% since 2020, and more and more business are leaning in to the virtual event space ( This year, key trends in the virtual event space focus on networking and socializing ( While video communication has improved our ability to connect in the virtual world, are we truly communicating and understanding each other?  When we’re talking to a global audience, just how far will Business English take us?

What is connection without understanding?

KUDO helps companies connect and collaborate by bridging language barriers instantly with live interpretation. Live interpretation gives each party the opportunity to communicate with ease in their preferred language whether it be for webinars, monthly town halls, virtual trade shows or one-off events. KUDO gives speakers and participants the power of understanding one another.

KUDO supports native integrations with top event marketing platforms including Hopin, On24 and Hubilo and also offers a desktop app that you can use in conjunction with any other event marketing platform.

Now, event attendees can feel the comfort and confidence of networking and socializing in up to 32 interpreter supported languages per event. And KUDO’s award-winning Interpreter Marketplace makes it easier than ever to find, book and pay professional interpreters with expertise in more than 200 spoken and sign languages.

And just like that language is no longer a barrier, it’s your opportunity to increase your market reach.

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What is KUDO?

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Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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